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Home Doctor Visits

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Doctor at Home in Dubai

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Home Doctor Services in Dubai

Our DHA licensed, Experienced Teams Ensures Highest Quality of Care.

We at SGH@Home offer highly specialized, personalized medical care combined with quality and compassion. Our General Physician Doctor along with our Nurse will come to attend to your medical needs whereby you will be provided with care and assessment for any non-emergency medical conditions that can typically be treated in an outpatient clinic setting, thus saving you time and effort.

We offer you the following services:

  • Patient assessment and vital check by the Doctor and the assisting Nurse.
  • Medication advise and Investigations like Lab tests, IV drips, if advised by the Doctor.
  • Nursing services like Medication administration, IV antibiotics, wound dressing, minor suturing.

Why Doctor at Home in Dubai

  • DHA licensed, experienced Doctors.
  • Doctor consultation available at the comfort of your home/hotel/office
  • Same day appointment & Doctor consultation
  • No time spent waiting at an outpatient clinic or hospital facility
  • Follow-up appointments that are easy to schedule

Get the Doctor at your place in just 3 easy steps!