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Dr. Ahmed Azmy

  • Specialist Orthopedic Surgeon (Head of Department)
  • Sharjah
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About “Dr. Ahmed Azmy”

Dr. Ahmed Azmy is an orthopedic and trauma surgeon with 10 years of professional experience. After undergoing training at Benha University, Egypt from where he obtained his master’s degree. Dr. Ahmed obtained his first fellowship from Bruderkrankenhaus Hospital (Germany) specialized in arthroscopic and reconstructive surgery and the second fellowship from The Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (Germany), specialized in recent advances of management of trauma and fractures.

He worked as a Senior Specialist at Khoula Hospital, the main orthopaedic referral and tertiary hospital in Oman, where he accomplished more than 1000 surgeries (elective and emergency). He also served as a trainer for Orthopaedic residents and medical school students. Later on, Dr. Ahmed joined the Ministry of Health and prevention, UAE as a head of the trauma and orthopedic department. He worked as well as the scientific coordinator for the Ministry of Health Orthopaedic club.

Area of Interest

  • Knee and shoulder arthroscopy
  • Recent advances in Adult trauma and fractures surgery
  • Geriatric Trauma & fractures surgery
  • Sports medicine procedures
  • Knee arthroscopic surgery
  • Shoulder Arthroscopic surgery
  • Arthroscopic ligaments reconstructive surgery
  • Spine problems and low back pain
  • Experience

    • More than 10 Years ( 2022 - 2022 )

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