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Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Amer

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Nationality : Egyptian

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About “Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Amer”

Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Amer have vast experience for more than 17 years as surgical oncologist since 2005 till present in National cancer institute Cairo university and in several prominent specialized hospitals in Egypt as well as abroad work experience in several prominent hospitals in KSA. He have MBBCh Kasr Al Ainy school of medicine ,Cairo university 2003 excellent degree. He have MSc surgical oncology 2009 National cancer institute Cairo university as well as
doctorate degree surgical oncology 2016 National cancer institute Cairo university.

He research thesis (doctorate degree) was on management of ultra-low rectal cancer using anterior perineal plane technique (LAP/ open) He is currently working as lecturer surgical oncology at NCI Cairo university as well as consultant
surgical oncology at several specialized prominent hospitals in Egypt. He have very good experience in breast surgical techniques ( mastectomy , skin sparing mastectomy wide local excision, wire guided excision axillary dissection / sentinel node biopsy) as well as in breast reconstruction surgeries(implant/ autologous based).

Participating in breast screening programmed clinics and involved in weekly multidisciplinary meeting in breast cancer unit. He have good experience in thyroid surgeries (simple/advanced and emergency cases) as well as
in Gyne/uro oncological surgeries. He have good experience in early diagnosis and treatment of gastric cancer cases. He have good experience in management of various types of skin cancers as well as soft tissue

He attend weekly scientific meeting at National cancer institute Cairo university and member of Egyptian society of surgical oncology. He have a cumulative experience on how to manage oncological emergencies. He have particularly enjoyed working together with my surgical colleagues on complex surgical cases which required unusual solutions and multidisciplinary approach as well as I’m following the updated international guidelines in management of oncological cases.

Area of Interest

  • Breast Surgery
  • Breast Conservative surgery, mastectomy
  • Breast Reconstruction ( implant and autologous based) , oncoplastic Breast surgery ,sentinel LN bx. Target axillary dissection as well as breast screening for the early detection Thyroid and parathyroid surgery
  • Colorectal : Colectomy, low anterior resection , ultra low anterior resection (elective as well as emergency cases )
  • Gyne Oncology ( hysterectomy . Surgical staging for ovarian cancer , fertility preservation surgery for indicated cases
  • Uro. Oncology nephrectomy, nephron sparing surgery as well as open /lap suprarenal gland surgery
  • All types of skin cancer
  • Specialities

    Oncology 3 Service(s)
    Breast Cancer Care Centre
    Surgical Oncology Services
    Anal Cancer


    • More than 17 years as Surgical Oncologist ( 2023 - Present )


    • MBBCH Kasr Al Ainy School of Medicine 2003 excellent degree Cairo university.
    • MSc surgical oncology National cancer institute Cairo university 2009.
    • Doctorate degree surgical oncology National cancer institute Cairo university 2016



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