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Dr. Deepak Kumar Gandhi has worked extensively in the field of Pediatrics, in India, and as we as in UAE.  During the initial years, in India, he worked as consultant Peditrician and intensive care physician at various hospitals. He established and worked in PICU and NICU and trained many doctors and nursing staff under various programs of IAP training modules including NRP( Neonatal Resuscitation program). He also worked as a certified regional trainer for various other programs like Acute Care for Practicing Pediatrician, IAP, India;  HOPE (Handling of Pediatric Emergencies) Program, IAP, India; Monsoon Maladies, IAP, India and many more.
Later on he established his  interest in pediatric development, vaccination; growth & development; and specially in pediatric asthma and allergy and got diploma in the same.
Dr. Deepak Gandhi is certified by American Heart Association for PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support); NALS (Neonatal Advanced Life Support); BLS ( Basic Life Support). He is also certified by the society of Critical Care Medicine , California, USA in  PFCCS (Pediatrics Fundamental Critical Care Support) and for PET 1( Pediatric Epilepsy Training) , UK. He was general secretary of IAP Haryana State Chapter in India. During his tenure he trained and prepared many physicians and nursing staff to take care pediatric patients at various levels.

Area of Interests

  • Pediatric Asthma & Allergy
  • Pediatric Growth & development
  • Vaccination
  • General Pediatrics
  • Nationality: Indian

    Offered Services



    • More than 15 years


    • MBBS, MS, DPAA


    • Dubai Health Authority (DHA)
    • Delhi Medical Council, India
    • Indian Academy of Pediatrics, India
    • National Neonatology Forum, India
    • Adolescent Health Academy, India
    • Pediatric Critical Care Society, India
    • IAP Intensive Care Chapter, India
    • Medical Council of India

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