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Nationality : Syria

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About “Dr. Nawras Zahra”

After graduating from faculty of medicine, Damascus University, Syria, and passing the United States Medical Licensed Examination, Dr. Nawras pursued his academic education at physiology science and pediatric training at the most important Ministry of higher education and ministry of health hospitals in Syria. He has worked as the head of pediatric emergency doctors in al bassel general hospital for several years before he moved to children hospital’s infectious disease division, where he participated in the education of medical school students and the training of pediatric doctors. And as a member of covid-19 controlling team, he has participated in medical studies about the disease and its complications in pediatric patients .

Area of Interest

  • Pediatric emergencies, inpatient and outpatient management of all important pediatric illnesses like asthma, allergy, anemia, gastrointestinal, renal, neurologic, and metabolic disorders
  • Neonatal resuscitation and treatment
  • All newborn medical issues like jaundice, breastfeeding problems, infant colic, vaccination, growth monitoring
  • Management of fever and complicated infections in children including covid 19 and its complications
  • Parental advice about children’s growth and development, short stature, nutrition, bed wetting, obesity, vaccination
  • Specialities



    • More than 12 years of experience in Pediatric field


    • Bachelore of Medicine , Damascus university , Syria
    • Master in physiology, Damascus University
    • United States Medical License Examinations
    • Syrian Board in Pediatrics



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