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Dr. Noshina Sadaf

  • Emergency Physician
  • Dubai
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Language : English, Arabic

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An energetic individual with strong nerves and 15 plus years’ experience in large tertiary hospitals, OPDs, Clinics, Hotels Clinics, and Schools, highly focused and has in-depth knowledge of emergency handling and internal medicines. Using the latest technique in the medical field with managerial experience. A consistent track record of successfully employing best business practices that improve efficiency, and quality. Easygoing by nature and able to get along with both work colleagues and senior management. Looking for a challenging position as a Doctor-General Practitioner/Consultant where excellent management, organizational skills, and a strong work ethic along with experience can be a benefit to me and to the organization as well. Hardworking, determined, social, and having a good sense of humor, able to work as part of a team and as an individual. I have been exposed to clinical setup since 3rd year of my MBBS and after completing my one & a half year internship in a tertiary care hospital. I am confident, able to express myself well, and can face new challenges and pressure. I enjoy a fast-paced environment with challenging cases while also ensuring high-quality evidence-based acute care. I have a kind, compassionate bedside manner and have excellent working relationships with staff and colleagues.

Area of Interest:

  • Lumbar Puncture.
  • Abdominal & Pleural Taps.
  • CVP lines.
  • Electrical Cardioversion & Endotracheal intubations.
  • Liver Biopsies.
  • Assisted Upper GI Endoscopies.
  • Assisted Sclerotherapies for Portal Varices & Sigmoidoscopies.
  • Medical ICU Patient Management, Running Codes.
  • Vaginal Delivery (Normal & Complicated).
  • Dilation and Curettage.
  • Tubal Ligation.
  • IV Cannulation, Venipuncture, Venesection & Blood Cultures, etc.
  • ABGs.
  • Basic and Advanced Life Support.
  • Prescription of IV Fluids including Blood & Blood Products.
  • Urethral Catheterization.
  • NG Tubes.
  • Central Venous Lines.
  • Chest Tube Insertion.
  • Temporary Pace Maker Insertion.
  • Dialysis Catheter Insertion
  • Nationality : Pakistan


    • More than 15 Years


    • MBBS (Bachelor in Medicine & Bachelor in Surgery)
    • Completed Training for MRCP in Internal Medicine

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