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Dr. Selma Hassan Mohammed Basha

  • Specialist Emergency Medicine
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About “Dr. Selma Hassan Mohammed Basha”

Emergency General practitioner with more than 10 years’ experience, worked in the biggest hospitals in Sudan, Sultanate of Oman and UAE. Dr. Selma completed her MBBS from Sudan where she has been trained in biggest hospitals in as Omdurman teaching hospital, Omdurman Maternity Hospital, Military Hospital and Soba University Hospital, then She joined Aster DM healthcare group in Sultanate of Oman as an emergency doctor.

  • Dealing and treating all emergency cases as MI, PE… etc
  • resuscitation of critically ill patient due to cardiac, respiratory, surgical, neurological or post traumatic cases.
  • treating trauma cases with or without open wounds.
  • Acute abdomen and all kinds of surgical emergencies.
  • OBG emergencies as eclampsia. etc.




  • More than 10 Years


  • MBBS, Kassala University, Sudan
  • BSc in Medicine and general surgery



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