Dr. Areej Al Khalil Dr. Areej Al Khalil

Dr. Areej Al Khalil

  • Specialist Family Medicine
  • Dubai
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Language : English, Arabic

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Area of Interest

All the internal medicines cases with high cholesterol / stomach pain

  • Continuing, comprehensive health care for patients (children and adults).
  • Management of acute health problems.
  • Management of chronic conditions HTN-Asthma-Diabetes.
  • Full Pediatric care, immunization.
  • Routine check ups, health Risk assessments, screening test.
  • Travel medicine, recommendation, medication and vaccination.
  • Treatment of obesity, nutritional system, recommendation and follow up.
  • Experience

    • More than 7 Years .


    • Master Degree in Family Medicine ( 2022 - 2022 )

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    Dr. Areej Al Khalil Dr. Areej Al Khalil