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Dr. Don Varghese

  • Specialist Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon | Head of Department
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Languages : English, Hindi

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An ambitious, Qualified, passionate maxillofacial surgeon with excellent communication and interpersonal skills, keen to secure a position with dynamic and progressive facial surgery practice. A self-motivated and smart working person with proven professional skills, including managing all kinds of patients to be treated by maxillofacial surgery with a good knowledge of dental implantology and craniofacial clefts and anomalies and ability to grasp and apply new procedures/techniques quickly with prompt patient counseling.

Areas of Interest

  • Cleft Lip and Palate Surgeries including secondary cleft management.
  • Third Molar and Surgical Extractions.
  • Maxillofacial Trauma including ( Mandibular Fractures, Mid face Fractures including Maxillary complex, Orbital, Zygomatic complex fractures, Pan facial trauma cases).
  • Temporo mandibular Joint Surgeries.
  • Minor Oral Surgery.
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Pathologies (Benign Tumors Resection, and Conservative management, Cyst Enucleation and Conservative management).
  • Reconstructive Facial surgeries using local Flaps.
  • Orthognathic Surgeries to correct facial Deformities.
  • Conservative management of Temporomandibular joint Disorders.
  • Preparation of oral Cavity for prosthesis Bone Grafting, Ridge Augmentation, Secondary Alveolar Bone Grafting.
  • Routine Dental Procedures.

Offered Services

Dental 3 Service(s)
Management of traumatic dental injuries.

Dental Trauma is the injury caused to teeth, lips, gums, tongue, and jawbones. Soft Tissue injuries to the mouth are very painful and require prompt treatment.

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

An Oral Surgery is a procedure that is performed in or around your mouth and jaw. A Maxillofacial Surgery is a dual qualification in medicine and dentistry and is often seen as the bridge between medicine and dentistry, treating conditions that require expertise from both backgrounds such as head and neck cancers, salivary gland diseases, facial disproportion, facial pain, temporomandibular joint disorders, impacted teeth, cysts and tumours of the jaws as well as numerous problems affecting the oral mucosa such as mouth ulcers and infections. The surgery is usually performed by a dental specialist or a dental surgeon.

Minor Oral Surgical Procedures

Minor Oral Surgery is a procedure performed by specialized and trained oral surgeons or dentists to treat dental problems like removal of retained or buried roots, broken teeth, wisdom teeth, and cysts of the upper and lower jaw.


  • More than 9 Years ( 2022 - 2023 )


  • Masters in Dentistry ( 2022 - 2023 )

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