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Dr. Eman Alayadi Salem

  • Specialist Paediatrician
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Area of Interest

  • General pediatric and neonate specialist with high interest in pediatric gastroenterology and allergy
  • Management of Loss of Appetite in children and picky eaters
  • Cow Milk Protein allergy & food allergy
  • Management of Gastro esophageal reflux disease
  • Management of ( Constipation, Abdominal Pain, Chronic Diarrhea, Esinophilic esophagitis, gastritis, Irritable bowel syndrome, Failure to thrive)
  • Growth and development disorders
  • Management of respiratory diseases like upper respiratory tract infections, croup, lower respiratory tract infections.
  • All types of Vaccinations for routine care and travel
  • Infectious and Non Infectious diseases
  • Management of all pediatric emergencies.
  • Diagnosis and management of different types of anemia.
  • management and follow up Obesity in children.
  • Care of newborns ( routine neonatal care, neonatal jaundice, feeding and nutrition ).
  • Acute and chronic pediatric illnesses.
  • Management of skin disoreders in children like diaper rash, atopic dermatitis and seborrhic dermatitis.
  • Offered Services

    Pediatrics 6 Service(s)
    New Born Intensive Care Unit

    SGH-DUBAI Neonatal intensive Care Unit (NICU) is a state of art facility and is one of the biggest NICU facilities in the private sector with the capacity of 15 beds which is classified as level III as per DHA requirements. It’s covered by 24/7 intensivists where we accept premature newborn less than 32 weeks gestational age and less than the weight of 1500 grams for all kind of medical and surgical illnesses.

    Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

    SGH-DUBAI Pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) is a state of the art facility and being one of the biggest PICU facilities in the private sector with the capacity of 11 beds. It’s covered by 24/7 intensivists where we accept cases for children from 1 month to 13 years for all kind of medical and surgical illnesses.

    Child Psychology and Behavior Management Therapy

    Child Psychology is the study of the conscious and subconscious mind of childhood development. Child Psychologists observe and understand the behavioural patterns of a child followed by how they interact with their parents, family, friends, or people in general.

    Pediatric Vaccination Clinic

    At Saudi German Hospital, we encourage parents to have their children vaccinated to keep them away from dangerous diseases or allergies. Your child needs to get fully immunized at their given time. This not only prevents them from various health conditions but also gives parents peace of mind

    Pediatric Gastroenterology

    The department of Pediatric Gastroenterology offers a comprehensive service for children with gastrointestinal diseases, liver and pancreatic disorders and nutritional issues.

    Pediatric Allergist

    At Saudi German Hospital Dubai, we understand the concerns of parents regarding their children. However, allergies are commonly found issues in both babies and children. Therefore, at SGH we recognize the fact of how important allergy testing, diagnosis, and treatment for children and their families is. With our foreign quality, state-of-the-art technology and, testing mechanisms along with our highly qualified and well-trained doctors, we diagnose the patient to find the root causes of their allergies to determine what is causing discomfort in your child. After a complete diagnosis, doctors prescribe medication and treatment to the child according to the child’s problem and symptoms.


    • More than 18 years ( 2022 - 2022 )

      Registered specialist paediatric, Dubai Health Authority.(DHA)


    • Diploma in Pediatrics Royal College of Physicians of Ireland
    • CABP ( Certificate of The Arab Board of Pediatrics) ( 2022 - 2022 )
    • The Arab Board of Health Specialization in Pediatrics Certification (CABP) ( 2022 - 2022 ) (2005-2010)
    • MBBCh (Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery) ( 2022 - 2022 ) Tripoli University of Medical Sciences, Libya (1997-2002)

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