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Dr. Hala Sannoufi

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With more than 8 years clinical experience, Dr Sannoufi has worked as a specialist radiologist in the UAE since 2013, having held positions at the government-owned Baraha Hospital in Dubai and Medcare Hospital in Sharjah. And before that in Damascus hospital in Syria. With a particular interest in breast imaging and gynecology, Dr Sannoufi completed a course on Senology (breast diseases) in 2010. She graduated from the University of Damascus in Syria with an MBBS degree in 2006 and later achieved a Masters Degree in Radiology in 2011 from the Ministry of Health.

Area of Interest

  • Interpretation of conventional X-rays and specialized fluoroscopy studies
  • Emergency radiology
  • Reporting general body CT scan
  • Performing and reporting inpatient and outpatient ultrasound studies (general, small-part, MSK and colour Doppler)
  • Breast imaging (mammography, ultrasound and US guided biopsies)
  • Gynecology and obstetrics ultrasounds, including NT scans, anomaly scan and fetal growth Doppler studies
  • Nationality : Syria

    Offered Services

    Radiology 1 Service(s)
    Bone Densitometry


    • More than 8 Years


    • Masters degree in Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging Ministry of Health, Damascus, Syria
    • Multi-disciplinary French-DIU in Senology (Breast Diseases) Aleppo University, Syria in collaboration with Nancy University , France.
    • MBBS Faculty of Medicine, Damascus University , Syria
    • International Visitor Leadership, USA “Fighting Cancer” programme.

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