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Dr. Iyad Nasser El Dine

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Emergency cases & ICU management with high interpersonal skills and bedside manner accompanied by the ability to stay calm under pressure.
Managing the patients through the flow of a proper procedure, reliable knowledge, and high diagnostic skills.
Care of all patients in ICU in conjunction with surgical and medical attending physicians and other consultants while providing continuous vigilance of care.
Early intervention and ongoing care with the goal of decreasing ICU morbidity and mortality.
Perform inpatient and outpatient procedures, consultations, and follow-up care.
Perform critical care procedures like Central line insertion, Dialysis line insertion, Arterial line insertion, endotracheal intubation, airway management, ventilation, Thoracostomy tube insertion, Paracentesis, etc.
Perform minor surgical procedures like wound debridement, suturing applying slab and plaster for fracture, and many more.
Perform and document the subsequent evaluation of all patients in the ICU on daily rounds.
Respond to all Cardiac and Respiratory arrests in ICU, assuming the role of Code Team leader and managing patients according to ACLS and BLS guidelines.
Participate in the educational program for critical care unit personnel as well as the medical staff.
Attend ICU committee meetings and various seminars continuously maintained proper safety and took precautionary measures to avoid the spread of disease and infection.
Administered and prescribed appropriate courses of treatment, including pharmaceutical medications.

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