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Dr. Ramesh Babu Vedangi

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Nationality : Indian

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He was graduated in the year 1994 from University of Health Sciences, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, after which he did my post-graduation in anaesthesiology. Immediately after post-graduation he have joined in an exclusive cardiac centre where I was trained initially for cardiac anaesthesia followed by which he started performing independently. Most of my 20 years of experience in anaesthesia is in cardiac anaesthesia, adult as well as pediatric, anaesthesia for awake cardiac surgeries, minimally invasive cardiac surgeries and cardiac complicating noncardiac-surgeries. he have actively participated in the team who have done 4 cardiac transplants. he is good in handling Surgical ICU. He is registered DNB teacher for DNB anaesthesia program and am keen in teaching anaesthesia.

He have 5 international publications and a few in the Indian journals.

Professional associations : Indian Medical Association Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists Indian Association of Cardiac Anaesthesiologists

Area of Interest

  • Adult Cardiac Anaesthesia
  • Paediatric Cardiac Anaesthesia
  • Anaesthesia for Awake Cardiac Surgery
  • Anaesthesia for Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery
  • General Anaesthesia for High
  • Risk surgeries

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  • More than 20 Years ( 2022 - 2023 )

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