Dr.Reema Jasser Yacoub Dr.Reema Jasser Yacoub

Dr.Reema Jasser Yacoub

  • Specialist Pediatrician
  • Damac Hills 2 | Jumeriah | Dubai South Village
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Language : Arabic & English

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Pediatrician with 6 years’ experience in pediatrics & neonatology dealing with all aspects of pediatric medicine. Completed the Arab-board certificate in pediatric, working in pediatric wards, pediatric emergency unit, pediatric & neonatal ICU, inpatient and outpatient clinic (vaccination, diagnosis & treatment of disease)

Area of Interests

  • Pediatrics Emergencies, Inpatient & Outpatient management of important Pediatric illnesses like Asthma, Anemia, GIT & Renal Problems
  • Neonatal Resuscitation & Treatment, Newborn Medical issues like Jaundice, Infant Colic, Vaccination & Growth Monitoring
  • Pediatric Growth & Development, General Pediatrics.


Nationality : Palestinian


  • More than 6 years


  • The Arab-Board certificate in Pediatrics
  • Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery (General)
  • PALS (2019), NLS (2018), ACLS (2016), BLS (2014)

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