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Dr. Daniel Serralta

  • Consultant General Surgery
  • Dubai
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Language : Spanish, English, French

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Dr. Serralta is consultant General Surgeon with a broad experience in advanced laparoscopic surgery. He has participated in the introduction of the Enhanced Recovery in Abdominal Surgery
(ERAS) protocols in several Hospitals in Spain. He has teaching experience in the “Universidad Complutense de Madrid”, the “Universidad Europea de Madrid” and in several courses for resident.

Area of Interests

  • Colon and Rectum laparoscopic surgery (both for cancer and benign conditions)
  • TransAnalMinimallyInvasiveSurgery (TAMIS)
  • Fistula in ano laser treatment
  • Hemorroids laser treatment
  • Pilonidal Sinus advanced treatments (Modified Karydakis Flap, GIPS and láser treatment)
  • Rectus Diastasis Endoscopic Repair
  • Laparoscopic hernia repair
  • Laparoscopic cholecystectomy
  • Hiatal hernia laparoscopic repair
  • Nationality : Spanish


    • More than 14 years


    • Medical Specialist in General and Digestive


    • European Society of Coloproctology (ESCP)
    • Asociación Española de Coloproctología (AECP)
    • Asociación Española de Cirujanos (AEC)

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