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Dr. Kahtan Georgis

  • Consultant Pediatrics Orthopedic Surgery
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Language: Arabic, English, Swedish

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Dr. Kahtan Georgis have long and broad experience in general Orthopedics and Orthopedics in children. In addition to trauma in children, He have worked with children with congenital and developmental anomalies as well as skeletal dysplasia. He have also treated children with cerebral palsy and rare diagnoses with skeletal manifestations. His background brings together a long experience in surgery and the highly developed scientific methods. He have 20 years’ experience and specialty in Orthopedics from both Syria and Sweden.

Area of Interests:

  • Treatment of skeletal congenital anomalies.(Congenital dislocation, club feet)
  • Developmental anomalies (Perthes’ disease, bowed legs, flat foot, foot deformity, scoliosis)
  • Lower limb lengthening and reconstruction.
  • Correction of bone deformities associated with skeletal dysplasia.
  • Treatment of skeletal manifestation in children with cerebral palsy and rare diseases.
  • Treatment the muscles spasticity with Botulinum toxin injection.
  • Tendon lengthening and transferring.
  • Treatment of sport injuries in children (Anterior Cruciate Ligament injury, meniscus injury, recurrent patella dislocation).
  • Treatment of all skeletal injuries in children.
  • Nationality: Swedish and Syrian.


    • 20 years’ experience in Orthopedic and Pediatric Orthopedic


    • Full doctor authorization, Norwegian Directorate of Health, Oslo, Norway, 2016
    • The Swedish National Board of Health And Welfare Certification for specialty in Orthopedic Surgery 2015
    • The Swedish National Board of Health And Welfare Certification for Doctor in Medicine 2013
    • Fellowship in Arthroscopy and Joint replacement, Damascus University, 2003
    • Specialty in Orthopedic Surgery, Ministry of Health, Syria 2002
    • M. D. Faculty of medicine, Aleppo University, 1996


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