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Dr. Saima Iram

  • General Physician
  • Damac Hills 2 ( Visiting Doctor - CBD)
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Language : English, Hindi, Urdu

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Competent and self-motivated medical general practitioner with in-depth comprehension and practical experience of managing patient care, diagnostic testing, interpreting clinical tests, administering medicine and patient treatment; possesses knowledge of assessment & pre-operative diagnosis and patient optimization for surgical procedures and post-operation patient care. Adroitly follows health guidelines and has expertise in COVID-19 patient management. Actively participated in first Covid 19 Pandemic wave and was awarded honorary Golden visa for my services from DHA.
Dynamic and qualified individual with interest in utilizing skills in emergency medicine, internal medicine, tele medicine, & ICU; proficient in assessment & management of patients in emergency care department, appropriate diagnostic & therapeutic procedures, procedural skills including invasive monitoring. Well capable of managing pediatric community acquired disease and infections, managing well baby and child clinics and vaccinations etc.
Management and diagnosis of male and female UTIs. Expertise in managing female gynecological infections, nutritional deficiencies antenatal care, PCO and other metabolic and hormonal disease.
Family medicine, Chronic disease management i.e. diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia asthma bronchitis etc. Skin infections i.e. infections of hair skin and nail etc.

Nationality : Pakistani

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